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We Answer the Phone, Return Calls & Know Who Our Customer is.

Becoming a Certified Development Company (CDC) is incredibly difficult to do. It took two and a half years of dedication and hard work to secure our charter in a market that desperately needed another option. We fought hard for this, and for the Utah business community knowing that we could provide a much better experience to our partners and clients.  How do you think we'll handle your deal?

We're Not the Biggest CDC in Utah.
Nor Do We Want to Be.
Here's Why.

As experienced business executives we know that providing exemplary service to a select group of partners with similar beliefs and values moves mountains. As such we don't deal in C & D credit. We are selective about our lender/broker partnerships and with the deals that we consider. Simply put, we don't work with everyone, but we are incredibly good at what we do for our partners. Being selective allows us to legitimately and consecutively provide great experiences to our lenders, borrowers and brokers.

Our Focus
Your Benefit




Built by Lenders for Lenders


Wasatch Business Finance is Utah's only Certified Development Company (CDC) built to service the lending community.  WBF was created by commercial lenders with decades of commercial credit, underwriting, and lending experience. We understand lenders, because we are lenders.

Entrepreneurial Board of Directors


Wasatch Business Finance is Utah's only CDC with a Board of Directors that understands small business and entrepreneur needs. 80% of our board members are entrepreneurs who started small businesses from the ground up. We understand small business because we are small business owners.

No Current Lenders on Board of Directors


Wasatch Business Finance does not and will not allow anyone currently employed in the lending community to serve on its Board of Directors. We believe this is a conflict of interest. One lender should never have access to other lender's confidential and proprietary information.

A Deep Commitment to Service


We understand that real estate financing is time sensitive. We commit to providing high-levels of service, open and consistent communication, and establishing defined underwriting, approval & closing expectations.



We will never share borrower or lender information with anyone except the SBA, without written authorization. We believe in confidentiality.

At Wasatch Business Finance we know that you have a choice when seeking SBA 504 servicing and financing. We are deeply committed to long-term, trusted partnerships and truly value each of our clients. Contact us today and let's explore if we'd be a good fit for each other.