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A Quick Guide to SBA 504 Loans for Utah Business Owners

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

If you're looking for a way to finance commercial real estate and long-term equipment purchases, an SBA 504 Loan offers distinct advantages to you as a business owner. As a tool, the SBA 504 loan is useful in a number of ways. Some of the advantages include:

  • The SBA federally backs SBA 504 Loans to reduce the risk to lenders.

  • The SBA 504 loans come with lower interest rates than conventional loans.

  • Low down payments.

  • Long-term financing.

There are / can be challenges associated with pursuing an SBA 504 loan. They include:

  • Strict requirements.

  • A longer wait time than conventional loan approvals.

However, if you can qualify for an SBA 504 loan, it is definitely worth the wait. The SBA 504 loan is a popular option because it provides distinctive advantages to businesses that qualify for the program.

As a Utah business owner, you can apply an SBA 504 loan in a number of ways which include:

  • Purchasing land.

  • Purchasing a building.

  • Improve your existing facility.

  • Buy machines or equipment.

  • Buy commercial real estate.

Not only are SBA 504 loans a great way to advance your business initiatives, but the program also promotes economic development and helps create jobs.

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